S 1417

A.D. 924 x 933. The familia of New Minster, Winchester, to Alfred, minister of King Athelstan; lease, for three lives, of 20 hides (cassati) at Chisledon, Wilts., in return for 80 mancuses of gold and an annual rent of 80 shillings. Latin.

Archive: Winchester, New Minster

MSS: 1. Winchester College, Muniment Room, WCM 12092 (s. x med.; OS Facs., ii, Winchester College 2)
2. Earl of Macclesfield, Shirburn Castle, Liber Abbatiae, 21v (s xv1)

Printed: Alford 1663, iii. 266-7; Edwards, Liber de Hyda, pp. 147-50 ex MS 2; B 648 ex MS 1; Birch, Liber Vitae, pp. 219-21 ex MS 1.

Comments: Plummer 1899, p. 138, doubtful; Darlington 1955, p. 94, contemporary; Finberg, ECW, no. 230, authentic; Stenton 1971, p. 353 n. 1, on royal style, p. 444, cited; Biddle et al. 1976, p. 313 n. 8; Lapidge 1981, p. 82 n. 142, pp. 92-3 and nn. 142-3, p. 97 n. 159, contemporary copy, may be regarded as authentic (= 1993, pp. 80-1 and nn. 142-3, p. 85 n. 159); Dumville 1987, p. 174, on script; Brooks 1992, p. 6; Dumville 1992, p. 159; Lapidge 1993, pp. 80-1, on witnesses; Abrams 1996, pp. 52-3, on Chisledon; Keynes 1996, pp. 20-1, on transaction and witnesses.

Notes: Upper portion of chirograph (CY RO GRAF FVM).

A. Winchester, Winchester College, Muniment Room, WCM 12092; single sheet, s. xmed, 204 x 387 mm
Notes on face:
(1) in a hand of s. xiv: composicio facta per licenciam Athelstani Regis de Cheseldene
signature, s. xvi: John Fyssher
(1) in same hand as charter: Cyseldenes læn
(2) in another hand, a bit like S 360 hand (4), surrounding (1): familia S. Petri Aedelstani Aelfredo ministro { 1 } xx cassatorum
(3) in a hand of s. xii: Clerici noui monasterii Wintonie tradiderunt xx hidas de Chiseldene cuidam Alfredo ministro suo ad firmam licencia Adthelstani regis
(4) in another hand, looks like S 360 hand (5): Cheseldene

+ In nomine Domini familia monasterii sancti saluatoris in Wintania ciuitate ubi corpora gloriosorum regum Ælfredi et Eadweardi sepulta quiescunt cum consensu ac deuotione Æðelstani Angelsaxonum Denorumque gloriosissimi regi Ælfredo ministro suo commodando commodant .xx. cassatos in loco qui dicitur Cyseldene et ipse Ælfred dedit præfate familiæ octuaginta mancusus auri obrizi . Etiam et ea conditione ut omni anno die obitus Eadweardi gloriosissimi regis ad monasterium præfatum adferat octuaginta solidos ex meris denariis . Maneat autem ista prædicta terra Ælfredo et suis heredibus .ii. in commodatione quamdiu hoc censum die prænominato adimpleatur . Et si quislibet ex suis heredibus prædicto die censum non reddet emendet cum sexaginta denariis insuper et censum reddat . Si iterum dies prænaminatus neglegatur emendet cum .xxx. solidos insuper et censum soluat . Si autem tertio neglexerit sciat se terram dimissurum . Nisi cum satisfactione et pecunia placabili a familia prædicti monasterii sancti saluatoris iterum adquirat .

+ Æðelstan rex + Eadwine cliton + Wærulf sacerdos + Ufa + Waltere + Gundlaf + Hildewine + Wulfstan + Eadulf + Wigferð diacon + Eadhelm diacon
+ dupliter + Eadlaf + Ceolnoð + Heahred + Eadulf + Eadmund + Æðelstan + Eadnoð + Ælfheah + Cynulf + Wulfhun + Petrus + Heorstan + Æþelferð
+ Ælfred + Æðelsige + Æðered + Beorhtsige + Wulfgar + Æþelwold + Ælfwold + Wulfnoð + Ælfsige + Wulfhelm.
+ Æðelferð minister + Ælfred minister + Ælfstan minister + Ælfheah minister + Ælfstan minister + Ælfric minister + Ælfsige minister + Ælfstan minister + Wynsige minister
+ Hun minister + Ælfhere minister + Ælfric minister + Wulfred + Ælfhere + Ceolsige + Aðelwold + Cola + Ælfwine + Ordhelm + Eadwold + Æðered
+ Ælfric + Ælfred + Byrhtferð + Beorhtsige + Ufic + Osuulf + Ælfsige + Æsculf + Ælfric + Ælfheah + Aðelwold minister + Ælfstan minister + Æðeric minister
+ Ælfgar minister + Wulfnoð + Wulfsige minister + Ælfric + Æðelstan minister + Ælfric minister + Ceolstan minister + Ælfred minister + Ælfric minister + Æðered minister + Eadwold
+ Ealdulf + Beorhtnoð + Wulfnoð minister . 7

In the name of the Lord. The community of the Monastery of the Holy Saviour in the City of Winchester, where the bodies of the glorious Kings Alfred and Edward lie buried, with the consent and through the devotion of Æthelstan the most glorious King of the Anglo-Saxons and Danes, lend in loan to [the king's] thegn Ælfred twenty hides in the place that is called Chiseldon, and he the same Ælfred has given to the aforesaid community eighty mancuses of pure gold, with this condition moreover that every year on the death-day of the most glorious King Edward he do bring to the aforesaid monastery eighty shillings of pure money. And may this aforesaid land remain to Alfred and two of his heirs without molestation so long as this payment is made on the aforesaid day. And if any one of his heirs should not pay on the aforesaid day he shall make amends with sixty pence over and above the sum to be returned. If the said day be again neglected he shall make amends with thirty shillings over and above the sum to be returned. And if he neglect it a third time let him know that he will be dismissed from the land unless he again acquire it from the aforesaid brethren of the monastery of the Holy Saviour by a satisfactory and propitiatory payment.