S 1232

A.D. 1052 x 1057. Leofric, comes, and his wife (Godgifu), to St Mary's, Worcester; grant of 5 hides at Wolverley, Worcs., and 2 at Blackwell in Tredington, Warwicks., and a haga in the port (? Worcester). Latin and English versions.

Archive: Worcester

MSS: BL Cotton Tib. A. xiii, 183rv (s. xi2)

Printed: Hearne, Heming, pp. 408-10; K 766; Pierquin, Recueil, pt 6, no. 19; Robertson, Charters, no. 113 (p. 210), Enlish only, with translation, p. 211.

Comments: Robertson, Charters, pp. 461-2; Finberg, ECWM, no. 359, authentic; Hooke 1980, pp. 40, 48, cited; Hooke 1990, p. 336; Baker and Holt 1996, p. 139.

Px Her swutelað on ðissum gewrite þæt Leofric eorl 7 his gebedda habbað geunnen twa land for Godes lufan 7 for hyra sawle into þære halgan stowe sancta Marian mynstre æt Wi'h'graceastre þam gebroðran to bryce inn to heora beodderne þe þær dæighwamlice Gode þeowiað . to þam foreweardan . þæt þa gebroðra beon þingiende for uncrum saulum þæt synd .v. hida landes æt Wulfweardiglea . 7 twa æt Blaca'wyllan' 7 ænne hagan on porte þæt hit sig æfre into heora beodderne freols 7 hit nan man ne geutige . 7 gyf ænig sy þe hit mid ænigan þingan . geecean wylle oððe godian God ælmihtig him geunne gesundfull lif 7 ece mede . 7 gyf ænig þonne sy up ahafen 7 swa swiðe gredig þissere worulde þæt þas ure sylena geutian wylle . hæbbe he her on ðisse life Godes curs 7 sancta Marian 7 sancte Oswaldes 7 eal[ra] gehadedra manna . 7 sy he amansumod on domes dæige toforan drihtnes cneowan fram Gode 7 fram eallan his halgan 7 mid Iudan 7 his geferan æfre on ece wite cwylmed . butan he geswice 7 to rihte gecyrre . 7 wit synd þisra landa hald 7 mund into þam halgan mynstre þa hwile þe uncker lif bið.

Here it is declared in this document that earl Leofric and his wife have granted two estates, for the love of God and the sake of their souls, to the refectory of the holy foundation, the monastery of St Mary at Worcester, for the use of the brethren who daily serve God therein, on condition that they intercede for our souls. Our gift comprises five hides of land at Wolverley and two at Blackwell and a messuage in the town, and it shall freely belong to their refectory for all time, and no one shall alienate it. And if there is anyone who desires to augment or endow it in any way, God Almighty shall grant him a prosperous life and eternal reward; and if, on the other hand, anyone is puffed up and so greatly covetous of earthly things that he desires to alienate this our gift, he shall have the curse of God and St Mary and St Oswald and all men in holy orders here in this life, and he shall be excommunicated on the Judgment Day in the presence of the Lord by God and by all his saints, and tormented for all time in everlasting punishment along with Judas and his companions, unless he desist and turn to a proper mode of conduct. And both of us shall be the protectors and guardians of these estates, on behalf of the holy monastery, as long as our life lasts.