S 1173

c. A.D. 700. Bruny (Bryni), dux of Sussex, to Eadberht, abbot; grant of 4 hides (manentes) Hileigh, Sussex. Latin.

Archive: Selsey

MSS: Chichester, West Sussex R.O., Ep. VI/1/2 (Liber B), 16v (s. xiv)

Printed: Mon. Angl., iii. 115; Mon. Angl. (rev. edn), vi. 1163 (no. 2); B 80 ex Mon. Angl.; Barker 1947 (no. 6), pp. 73-4, with translation; Kelly, Selsey, no. 3.

Comments: Stenton 1918, p. 438 and n. 24, ill-copied fragment, probably authentic (= Stenton 1970, p. 52); Barker 1947, p. 74; Darlington 1961, p. 20, probably genuine; Cox 1976, pp. 22-3, on place-name; Wormald 1985, p. 25, broadly trustworthy; Kelly, Selsey, pp. 23-4, probably has an least an authentic basis.

Rubric: Carta Bruny ducis Suthsaxonum de quattuor manentibus in Hileghe

In nomine Domini nostri saluatoris. Ego Bruny dux Suthsaxonum partem agri iuris mei pro remedio anime mee Eadberto abbati ad insulam que appellatur Selesey libenter concedo, id est quattuor manentes in loco qui uocatur Hileghe.

+ Ego Nunna rex hanc donationem consensi et subscripsi.
+ Ego Wattus rex consensi et propria manu scripsi. +