January 5, 1066. King Edward the Confessor dies
January 6, 1066. Harold Godwinesson succeeds

1066. Harold goes out with a naval force against William

This event is mentioned only in Anglo-Saxon Chronicle E.

April 24, 1066. Comet

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle notes that "some said it was the star 'comet' which some call the star with hair"; today we call it Halley's comet.

1066 (soon after comet). Tostig harries Isle of Wight, Sandwich, Humber.
Edwin and Morcar drive Tostig to Scotland

Summer 1066. Harold gathers huge naval and land forces against possible Norman invasion
September 8, 1066. Harold's armies disbanded, as provisions run out

September 25, 1066. Battle of Stamford Bridge: Harold defeats Tostig and Harald Hardrada of Norway

September 28/29, 1066. William of Normandy lands at Hastings

October 14, 1066. Battle of Hastings

December 25, 1066. William of Normandy consecrated king at Westminster