S 1529

s. xi med. Thurkil and Æthelgyth to (Bury) St Edmunds; bequest of land at Wereham, Norfolk. English.

Archive: Bury St Edmunds

MSS: Cambridge, U.L., Ff. 2. 33, 50r (s. xiii2)

Printed: K 980; Thorpe, pp. 591-2, with translation; Whitelock, Wills, no. 36 (pp. 92-3), with translation.

Comments: Whitelock, Wills, pp. 205-6; Hart, ECEE, no. 141, authentic; Finberg 1972, p. 474, cited; Pelteret 1995, pp. 128-9, 290-1; Faith 1997, p. 64.

[Þ]urkil and Aþelgit vnnen Wigorham into seynt Eadmunde so ful and so forth so wit it owen. after vnker bother day and þo men halffre þeowe 7 lisingar.
Se þe þis benime. god him benime heuene riche.

[We] Thurkil and Æthelgyth grant to St Edmund's after the death of both of us Wereham with all the rights with which we possess it, and also the men, [both those who are] half-free and slaves and freedmen.
He who detracts from this, may God deprive him of the kingdom of heaven.