S 1525a

s. x2-s. xi. Will fo Siflæd, including bequest of Marlingford, Norfolk, to Bury St Edmunds; and other bequests to Marlingford tunkirke and Christchurch in Norwich. English.

Archive: Bury St Edmunds

MSS: Cambridge, U.L., Ff. 2. 33, 49v-50r (s. xiii2)

Printed: K 947; Thorpe, pp. 592-3, with translation; B 1014; Whitelock, Wills, no. 38 (pp. 94-5), with translation.

Comments: Whitelock, Wills, pp. 206-7; Hart, ECEE, no. 121, authentic; Finberg 1972, p. 509: Pelteret 1995, pp. 123, 125, 130; Faith 1997, p. 167; cf. S 1525.

[H]er Switeleþ on þis write ihu Sifled vthe hire aihte þo sche ouer se ferde. þat is erst into þe tunkirke on Mardingforð .V. acres 7 ane toft. 7 .II. acres medwe and to wayne gong to wude. and ic mine landsethlen here toftes to owen aihte 7 alle mine men fre. And ic an eiþer mine brother ane wayn gong to wude. And ic an into Northwich to Cristes kirke .IIII. retheren. and to into sancte Marian and on into mine duzme. and ic an into seynt Eadmunde al þat þere to lafe gesceotte. þat beth on Mardingforða. hus and hom. 7 wude and feld. 7 on medwe. and on yrue. And gif ic hom cume; þanne wille ic sitten on þat londe mine day. and after mine day; stonde þat cuide. and wo so þis awende; god awende his ansene from him on domesday buten he it here bete.

Here in this document it is made known how Siflæd granted her possessions when she went across the sea. First, to the village church in Marlingford five acres and one homestead and two acres of meadow and two wagonloads of wood; and to my tenants their homesteads as their own possession: and all my men [are to be] free. And I grant to each of my brothers a wagonload of wood. And I grant to Christchurch at Norwich four head of cattle, and two to St Mary's, and one to my . . . . And I grant to St Edmund's all that may happen to be left of my property, that is house and homestead in Marlingford, with wood and open land, meadow and live stock. And if I come home, then I wish to occupy that estate for my life; and after my death the will is to take effect. And whosoever alters this, may God turn away his face from him on the Day of Judgment, unless he repent it here.