S 1525

s. x2-s. xi. Will of Sifflæd, concerning the bequest of Marlingford, Norfolk, to (Bury) St Edmund's. English.

Archive: Bury St Edmunds

MSS: 1. Cambridge, U.L., Ff. 2. 33, 49v (s. xiii2)
2. BL Add. 14847, 19v (s. xiv; abbreviated)

Printed: K 946; Thorpe, p. 592, with translation; B 1015 ex MS 1; B 1016 ex MS 2; Whitelock, Wills, no. 37 (pp. 92-3) ex MS 1, with translation.

Comments: See below, S 1525a.

[H]er sviteleþ ihu Sifled an hire aihte ouer hire day. þat is erst into seynt Eadmunde Marþingforð for hire leue soule. al buten tuenti acres. and tueye Waine gong wudes. and þere Wude norþouer. 7 min kirke be fre. And Wlmer prest singe þerat. and his bearntem so longe. so he þen to þen hode. and fre leswe into þere kirke. and mine men fre. And be seynt Eadmund mund þer ouer þene freschot. Se þe þise cuide wille awenden be he amansid from god almichtin 7 from alle hise halegen 7 fram sancte Eadmunde.

Abbreviated version

Sifleda virago famosa dedit sancto Edmundo Mardingforde . cum testamento suo . Se þe þise quide wille awende ; be he amansed from God 7 from alle hise halegen . 7 from Sancte Edmunde .

Here it is made known how Siflæd grants her possessions after her death. First to St Edmund's for her dear soul, Marlingford, all except twenty acres and two wagonloads of wood and the woods over to the north. And my church is to be free and Wulfmær my priest is to sing at it, he and his issue, so long as they are in holy orders. And free meadows to the church. And my men are to be free. And may St Edmund be guardian there over the free property. He who wishes to alter this will, may he be excommunicated from Almighty God and from all his saints and from St Edmund.