S 1468

A.D. 1043 x 1044. Agreement between Æthelmær and Ufi, abbot of Bury St Edmunds, and the community there concerning land at Swanton and Hindolveston, Norfolk. English.

Archive: Bury St Edmunds

MSS: Cambridge, U.L., Ff. 2. 33, 49r (s. xiii2)

Printed: Robertson, Charters, no. 97 (p. 184 ), with translation, p. 185.

Comments: Robertson, Charters, pp. 431-2; Hart, ECEE, no. 132, authentic; HRH, p. 236, probably genuine; Pelteret 1995, p. 167.

Notes: Issued in duplicate, with portions retained by both parties.

[H]er switeleþ on þis write þe forwarde þat Ailmer þe biscopes brother hauede wrouht with Vui Abbot and wið alle þen hird binnen seynt Eadmundes biri . ymbe þat litle lond at Swanetone and þat halue lond at Hildoluestone . þat is þat he selde hem on marc goldes to þe forwarde þat he habbe þat lond his day . and ouer his day ; go þo londes eft ongeyn into sancte Eadmunde . and þat halfe lond forþmide . mid mete and mid manne and alle þinge buten alken gentale.

Ðise sinden þe mannes names þe to witnesse sinden þises . þat is Stigande bisscop and Vui Abbot and Lefstan þe dean and al se hired binnen seynt Eadmundes biri And Lefsi Abbot 7 al se hird binnen Ely . And Alfsy Abbot at sancte Benedicte 7 al se hird þerbinnen . 7 Alfwine 7 Alfric and Edric and Godwine 7 Fredegist 7 Vlf aet Welle . 7 Scule Leofwoldes sune . and Godwine at Cringelforð 7 Eadwine Vlfketeles sune . þise write sinden tua, on is binnen seynt Eadmundes biri and oþer haued Aylmer hymself.