S 1079

A.D. 1051 x 1052 or 1053 x 1057. Writ of King Edward declaring that the soke previously granted by him to St Edmunds is now to belong to that house as fully and completely as he himself possessed it. English.

Archive: Bury St Edmunds

MSS: 1. Cambridge, U.L., Ff. 2. 33, 22v (s. xiii2)
2. Cambridge, U.L., Ff. 4. 35, 23v (s. xv; incomplete)
3. BL Add. 14847, 30v (s. xiv)
4. BL Harley 743, 59v (s. xiv)

Printed: K 884 ex MS 1; Harmer, Writs, no. 19 (p. 161) ex MS 4, with translation.

Comments: Harmer, Writs, pp. 139, 442, authentic.

Edward kyng greth Aegelmare bischop 7 Aelfgar/ eorl 7 aelle mine þeinas on Sudfolke frendliche. And ich kiðe eou þatt ich wille þat se sokne ligge nou in to Saynt Edmunde þe ich aer þider inn geuðe swa ful 7 swa forð swa hit me seolfan on handa stod. And ich nelle geþafian þat hit aenyng man geouthtyge ne gehaddod ne gelaewede. And ich wille gewytan þaes mannes nama þe wyle God refian and Sayntt Edmond and me.